Cosmo-Davenport Hines 2022 – King’s College London

I’m very grateful to have won the #CosmoDavenportHines Poetry Prize 2022. Many thanks to the Department of English Language and Literature at King’s College London @kingsenglishdpt for the lovely ceremony and prize. To read my poems:

Zephaniah Speaks – The Good, the Bad & The Poet

Many thanks to my former and well-known tutor Benjamin Zephaniah for mentioning my book in his famous website. I learnt a lot during our residency working on most of the poems that appear in my book. To read it:

A talk at Salisbury University

Many thanks to the brilliant academic Sally Perret for inviting me to talk with her students at Salisbury University about my bilingual poetry book ‘The Good, the Bad & the Poet’ (El Ojo de la Cultura, London). We had a wonderful time and I loved to have the opportunity to be in contact with theseContinue reading “A talk at Salisbury University”

Charla en Fondo de Cultura Económica

Muchas gracias a Viajando en el librobús virtual por esta invitación para charlar con estas lectoras y escritoras de distintos países. Gracias al Fondo de Cultura Económica y Centro Cultural de México: Letras, Artes y Cultura. Gracias Edwin y Masiel. Participaron del encuentro: Masiel Corona Santos, Carolina Sánchez, Graciela Vega, Aideed Medina y Gabriela Gutiérrez.Continue reading “Charla en Fondo de Cultura Económica”