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I’m an Argentine born, UK-based writer. I hold a BA in Creative Writing from Brunel University (London), I’m a Latin American & Spanish Literature Teacher (Argentina) and I graduated from a Modern Languages, Literature and Culture MA at King’s College London (London) at which I have been awarded with the Von Schlippenbach PGT bursary and the Cosmo-Davenport Hines poetry prize in 2022.

I’m the founder and managing director of an organisation called La Ninfa Eco with a team of writers from Europe, the UK, the US and Latin America.

I used to be the former co-director of events at the Oxford Writers’ House (Oxford, UK) a hub that used to bring Oxford Universities and local communities into dialogue through creative writing projects.

In 2019 and in 2022, I’ve been invited to the House of Lords (UK) to be part of a discussion about writing and freedom of the press, to talk about La Ninfa Eco and to share my poems.

I’m the author of 2 books in Spanish published in Argentina, Glasses Love to be Broken (Argentina, Baobab, 2010), To the Knot for What it Took Away (Argentina, De los Cuatro Vientos, 2012). Also, I published a book in the UK called The Good, the Bad & the Poet (El Ojo de la Cultura, London, 2020).

I have collaborated on different anthologies: Torre Latinoamericana (México, 2021), Wizards, Werewolves and Weird Engines (London, Brunel University, 2018) Other Voices Poems 40 Years of The Cure (London), Liberoamericanas 140 poetas contemporáneas (Spain, Liberoamerica, 2018), Poesía Deliberada (Argentina, Textos Intrusos, 2013), Letters on Paper, Bilingual Anthology (Argentina, De los Cuatro Vientos, 2013), among others.

I have collaborated as a writer or as an external writer on different projects and magazines: La Ninfa Eco (UK), La Mascarada (Mexico), El Humo (Mexico), Liberoamerica (Spain), Editorial Aquitania (Cuba/Mexico).

My books, reviews, collaborations appear in different magazines, anthologies and literary projects from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Germany, Bolivia, the US, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Bangladesh, India & the UK.

Please, feel free to contact me. I’m always willing to join new literary or multidisciplinary projects!  

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