La Ninfa Eco Podcast

La Ninfa Eco first started as a podcast in 2018 when it’s been launched.

When I created the podcast it was mainly in Spanish, but throughout the episodes, it started to mix content in English. Currently, there are episodes in Spanish that are streamed in La Ninfa Eco (Latam + Spain), and others in English which are streamed in La Ninfa Eco USA and La Ninfa Eco UK (the UK and US).

Apart from my podcast, we have other podcasts and broadcasting projects from different team members at La Ninfa Eco.

To find out more you can visit our YouTube ChannelMixcloud accountIvoox, or our social media accounts, Facebook (Latam/Spain)Facebook (UK)Facebook (US)TwitterInstagram or Telegram.

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About Me

I’m an argentine born, UK-based writer. I hold a BA in Creative Writing from Brunel University (London), I’m a Latin American & Spanish Literature Teacher (Argentina) and I’m currently starting a Modern Languages, Literature and Culture MA at King’s College (London).

I’m the founder and managing director of an organisation called La Ninfa Eco with a team of writers from Europe, the UK, the US and Latin America.

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